ACTORS UNLEASHED By Sapphire is a grass root movie stars’ reality TV show that is aimed at creating the next generation of movie stars. Our veterans are phasing off gradually, this is a channel we are providing to create protégés as we encourage young talented and sophisticated from communities and schools to become their dream. The theme of the show is centred on socialization and self-learning, we build confidence in these new budding acts. We teach them how to rise above their fears and face challenges, gaining strength through adversity.

We are choosing 36 contestants representing each state in Nigeria and the winner stars in a culture based feature of his or her state to be shot and premiered in that state.

Nollywood has a good employment platform for Nigerians, thus we have created a network of directors and producers who are notable Nollywood stakeholders to find these talents, hone them, brand them and project them into mainstream Nollywood. Most reality shows make participant national celebrities within a short while but we have a talent management system we put in place to imbibe these actors over a long period of time. In this spirit, Sapphire has joined force with other entertainment outfits to raise young, vibrant, creative actors for the movie industry from the grassroots through its innovative, educative and empowerment reality TV show “ACTORS UNLEASHED”